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Weekly Menu Plan September 29, 2009

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Monday: Breakfast: Boys requested cereal and I am having granola 
Lunch: S has hot lunch at school. C and I have our choice of three different soups.
Dinner: Either a roast whole chicken with potatoes and salad or eating out with Grandma.

Tuesday: Carrot-Nut Muffins and eggs 
Leftover soup
Crockpot pinto beans, leftover shredded chicken, and sweet potatoes or yams made into tacos     Well I ended up getting boxes of fresh organic tomatoes so we’re having roasted tomatoes and bacon pasta.

Wednesday: Muffins and eggs
Chicken salad on green salad and crackers on the side for boys 
Taquitos made with beans and leftover chicken with corn on the cob.    Roasted tomatoes and vegetables- plus mac and cheese for the boys.

Thursday: Waffles
Eating out                                                                                                                                                                          Chicken coconut soup with egg noodles [the frozen kind] loaded with veggies

Friday: Green Eggs and Toast
Leftover soup
Artichokes, grilled tri tip, and green salad with lots of tomatoes

Saturday: Probably cereal for boys.
Tri tip sandwiches
Curried rub salmon, broccoli, and rice stuffed in tomatoes.

Sunday: Breakfast sandwich [Biscuits, eggs, and bacon]
Pork shoulder roast, coleslaw, and either steamed carrots or baked sweet potato/yam


Quote September 27, 2009

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And she who is parting with her sweetheart today-

Let her forge her pain into strength.

By the children we swear, we swear by the graves,

That no one will force us to submit!

Poet Anna Akhmatova [The Wind Of War Part 1. Vow] written July 1941 in Leningrad


Happy Birthday to my Hero

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Our 15 days together has come to a close and D is back overseas after a lovely and relaxing time together.  He left early Thursday morning and called me last night to say he was in Kuwait- just in time for me to wish him a Happy Birthday as it was already September 26th there.  Now it is September 26 stateside so Happy Birthday Honey again! 

The boys and I will be celebrating with some good things all day:

Popcorn and hot cider [nevermind the sun is shining], ice cream at Cold Stone, a movie with some cuddling, and we started the day off right with cartoons on Saturday morning just like D used to watch when he was a kid.

It is a milestone- 30 years but we’ll do the party next year and really ring in the new decade right then.  Until then I have 364 days to plan it…


September 21, 2009

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Some fun times along the Columbia Gorge.