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Happy Birthday to my Hero September 27, 2009

Filed under: Memorable — mabfaerie @ 7:01 am


Our 15 days together has come to a close and D is back overseas after a lovely and relaxing time together.  He left early Thursday morning and called me last night to say he was in Kuwait- just in time for me to wish him a Happy Birthday as it was already September 26th there.  Now it is September 26 stateside so Happy Birthday Honey again! 

The boys and I will be celebrating with some good things all day:

Popcorn and hot cider [nevermind the sun is shining], ice cream at Cold Stone, a movie with some cuddling, and we started the day off right with cartoons on Saturday morning just like D used to watch when he was a kid.

It is a milestone- 30 years but we’ll do the party next year and really ring in the new decade right then.  Until then I have 364 days to plan it…


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