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Weekly Menu Plan September 29, 2009

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Monday: Breakfast: Boys requested cereal and I am having granola 
Lunch: S has hot lunch at school. C and I have our choice of three different soups.
Dinner: Either a roast whole chicken with potatoes and salad or eating out with Grandma.

Tuesday: Carrot-Nut Muffins and eggs 
Leftover soup
Crockpot pinto beans, leftover shredded chicken, and sweet potatoes or yams made into tacos     Well I ended up getting boxes of fresh organic tomatoes so we’re having roasted tomatoes and bacon pasta.

Wednesday: Muffins and eggs
Chicken salad on green salad and crackers on the side for boys 
Taquitos made with beans and leftover chicken with corn on the cob.    Roasted tomatoes and vegetables- plus mac and cheese for the boys.

Thursday: Waffles
Eating out                                                                                                                                                                          Chicken coconut soup with egg noodles [the frozen kind] loaded with veggies

Friday: Green Eggs and Toast
Leftover soup
Artichokes, grilled tri tip, and green salad with lots of tomatoes

Saturday: Probably cereal for boys.
Tri tip sandwiches
Curried rub salmon, broccoli, and rice stuffed in tomatoes.

Sunday: Breakfast sandwich [Biscuits, eggs, and bacon]
Pork shoulder roast, coleslaw, and either steamed carrots or baked sweet potato/yam


2 Responses to “Weekly Menu Plan”

  1. Zonnah Says:

    The Chicken coconut soup sounds really good.

  2. Margaret Says:

    When do you do all this cooking in the morning for the boys- like 7 AM? When do they get to school? I’m amazed. I am taking after my mother more and more, and selfishly guarding 45 minutes in the morning for ‘waking up’ which usually entails a breakfast of toast and tea, or cereal and tea, or fruit and peanut butter. 🙂

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