Much to Enjoy

November 10, 2009

Filed under: Ramblings — mabfaerie @ 7:57 am

I got the flu after the boys and went to the ER because I got dehydrated.  While I was there I started on antibotics for another issue and the antibotics just wiped me out which is why I haven’t been posting.  I got all the side effects, couldn’t drive or do much of anything since I had zero energy.  I am so fortunate that the boys did the best they could without mom being around so much and enjoyed the best they could of no school for a week.  My brother Steven who lives with us has been a wonderful help- nice to know that even though we fought when we were younger, that we could become supportive friends when we’re adults.  We have been blessed with meals from my wonderful support group that is growing in numbers of friends.  I am truly blessed that even when I am down, others will come in to help care for us.  Thank you for your kindness!


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